Is Your Microsoft 365 Branded?

One of the nice features of Microsoft 365 is the ability to brand your tenant. Have you branded your tenant? If not, you should.

Branding your tenant personalizes your login to Microsoft 365 to your business. While the branding is nice it has the added benefit of also making your Microsoft 365 more secure. When your users go to login to Microsoft 365, they should be trained to look for your branded login experience. This will help your users avoid being the victim of a phishing attack that takes them to a login page that looks identical to the default Microsoft 365 login page. For extra security, you may wish to consider placing something unique in the login background photo for your users to confirm is present before logging in. This is a simple way you can help your users avoid being tricked into giving away their credentials to a fake login page. Between this and two-factor authentication, you will be doing your best to secure your Microsoft 365 from the bad actors.