Is Snowpocolypse or Snowmaggedon Coming?

No, it’s just winter in New England.  A powerful Nor’easter is bearing down on us and if the forecasts are correct, we’re looking at a foot or more in metro Boston to upwards of 20″ plus for New Hampshire into the mountains.  A good old fashioned blizzard is forecast.

Seems like a good time to remind you of a post I wrote a short month ago titled How do You Handle Inclement Weather?

Our company has already planned for the storm.  Out of our 50+ person team, we are only

Snowman Boston

I suspect our team will spend most of their time tracking outages related to connectivity and power issues throughout the storm, but if you have any issue with your computer or mobile device, we’ll ne here to help.

Hope everyone comes through the storm safe and warm.  Enjoy the snow, summer will be here before you know it.

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