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This week, I had the pleasure of attending the latest CompTIA Board of Directors meeting.  We were in New York City for this meeting and as a result, had the opportunity to tour the SAP Leonardo Center in the beautiful new Hudson Yards development.

SAP has four Lenoardo Centers located in Bangalore, India, New York City, Paris, France and Sao Leopolo, Brazil.  These are inspiring places.

Our tour took place on the 48th floor of the New York center and we learned from our hosts, about how SAP is driving innovation and encouraging start-ups in an open, collaborative environment.  In some cases, SAP’s venture fund may invest in some of these businesses.  In others, SAP customers may simply leverage the resources at the innovation center to help accelerate their growth.  Our hosts were Marvin, orginally from Germany and Charlotte, a native of Denmark.

You may click on each image above for a caption.  Being on the 48th floor, the innovation center has amazing views, but more importantly, a strong message.  The center stives to support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform our world.  These goals are:

  1. No Poverty.

  2. Zero Hunger.

  3. Good Health and Well-being.

  4. Quality Education.

  1. Gender Equality.

  2. Clean Water and Sanitation.

  3. Afforable and Clean Energy.

  4. Decent Work and Economic Growth.

  5.  Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

  6. Reduced Inequalities.

  7. Sustainable Cities and Communities.

  8. Responsible Production and Consumption.

  9. Climate Action.

  10. Life Below Water.

  11. Life on Land.

  12. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  13. Partnerships for the Goals.


As our tour continued, we learned about projects to provide real-time data to allow airports to operate more efficiently.  Imagine security officers being able to be deployed to open more screening lanes based on a heat map of the security checkpoint.  Or how about an aircraft being redirected to a gate that has more of the needed ground services close by, instead of having to wait for vehicles to travel across the ramp.  All making the operations more efficient and the traveling experience more timely and less stressful.

We saw all sorts of examples of virtual reality and other technologies enabling wonderful innovation to improve our world.  Of course, I loved the ice hockey virtual reality example above in the lower right :).


Above is a picture of most of the CompTIA Board Members and Staff, who were able to tour the Innovation Center, thanks to our fellow-Board member John Scola of SAP, 3rd in from the left.

And finally, some of the incredible views from the 52nd floor terrace.

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