Ingenious Charging Station

I am traveling in Europe right now and wanted to share an ingenious bit of technology that was waiting for me when I arrived at my hotel in Porto, Portugal called the EGG PowerStation by EGG Electronics. It's a pretty great charging station on the bedside table and while this is a European plug standard product, I'm hoping they may be considering producing this in other plug variations, like the US and UK standards.

Also ingenious is the fact that the company has partnered with hotels to brand and place these units in hotel rooms. This will undoubtedly help them gain brand awareness and I'm sure some sales. What I also found great about this product is that it is a Portuguese start-up, funded by what looks to be a national innovation fund consortium.

Here are some pictures of the device with nothing plugged in and then with both USB ports and a couple of Euro plug adapters with my standard plugs in them. The design is ingenious, effectively allowing you to plug in as many plugs as you can across the grid.

It's also pretty ingenious to co-brand the device with the hotel name and logo. It highlights EGG's corporate program where you can special order branded versions of the product to give away to clients. Again, really smart marketing.

Along with the charging station, there is a tabletop card that talks about the device and has some contact details. Again, really smart marketing. A great way to showcase the entrepreneurial tech culture that exists here in Portugal. Well done.

Oh and in case you are wondering, Porto is an amazing city that I highly recommend visiting.