I Went to a Client's Office Today

For the first time since February, I had an in-person meeting today at a client's office. It was nice to get back in front of a client face to face, but it was also very different, as to be expected.

What was not new was that the client's office was locked and you have to push an intercom and be verified and then buzzed in. They have been this way as long as I have known them, so they were already very well positioned to be sure no one just walks in to the office unannounced.

We met in the largest room they have and wore masks as we entered. Once we settled in to our meeting space, maintaining a social distance of nearly twenty feet between one another, we removed our masks and held our meeting. The room is large with a vaulted ceiling and plenty of space for good airflow throughout. When a couple of us needed to go in to a smaller room to review some technical work that was going on, we masked up and used hand sanitizer as we moved from room to room.

We did not linger longer than was necessary nor did we go to lunch as we normally would have. But we were able to safely and responsibly meet with everyone feeling comfortable that we were doing the right thing. Two of us bumped elbows to say see you later and we all went about our business.

The new normal will be different until we have a viable vaccine, but this experience gives me hope. We need to continue to take the coronavirus threat seriously and not be lulled into complacency if we are to avoid a dangerous relapse. My meeting today gives me hope that we can do this.