Hurricane Preparedness

As Hurricane Dorian lingers over the Bahamas, my first thoughts are for all the people living or vacationing there and wishing them safety. My college fraternity brother Graeme Davis runs the Baha Mar resort and I can't imagine the immense pressure he is under, safeguarding not just his family and co-workers, but the resort guests and more.

With the storm still threatening the mainland United States, it's a good time to revisit any preparedness plans you have. And if you don't, it may be time to make one, quickly.

CompTIA posted an updated preparedness blog on Friday to help members prepare for and safely make it through the storm. It's a valuable post, with many actionable recommendations thanks to fellow CompTIA member Mike Semel.

You should read the post "How to Prepare for, and Survive, Hurricane Dorian." Stay safe!