Huawei Fights Back

A couple weeks ago I posted the following Strong Warnings Not to Purchase a Huawei Smartphone and in mid-January, I posted Huawei & ZTE, the New Lenovo and Kaspersky?

Well Huawei fired back this weekend, asserting that these charges are politically motivated to counter tough competition based on superior technology that rivals fear.


Mate 10 Pro was slated to launch in the US later this week and the company had launched an aggressive advertising campaign over the last weeks and months to drive consumer demand.  Huawei had a deal with AT&T to release the smartphone on the AT&T wireless network, however that deal has fallen through and Huawei claims politics was the main reason.

Instead of competing on technology, Huawei alleges that its competitors have lobbied the US government to thwart their entry to the market.  Amid concerns that Huawei maintains close, some say direct, ties to the Chinese government, US intelligence chiefs took the unusual step of warning against the purchase and use of Huawei devices on US wireless networks.

No direct proof has been offered to support either claim, for or against.  That is not stopping Huawei from making their case in the face of Senate testimony and widespread concern.  For now, founded or not, it appears that Huawei’s entry into the US market has been slowed significantly if not permanently clouded with cybersecurity concerns.

It will be interesting to see how this continues to play out.

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