How to Pivot from Face-to-Face to Virtual Events

Back in March, I was scheduled to attend the annual CompTIA Communities and Councils Forum (CCF) in Chicago. Due to the evolving pandemic, CompTIA made the right decision to cancel the in-person event and pivot to a virtual event. This was done in under two weeks time!

Now that the dust has settled, CompTIA has produced a write-up on the successful pivot from CCF to vCCF, the Virtual Communities and Councils Forum, which took place online on March 17th.

CompTIA's Nancy Hammervik (L) & Kelly Stone (R)

If you have in-person events that have been or may be cancelled, read the following post from CompTIA's Scott Campbell; Cancelled by COVID-19? Here’s How to Pivot Your In-Person Meeting into a Virtual Success. Scott highlights 10 points that will help you ensure a successful virtual event. It's a great read and thanks to CompTIA for sharing this experience for all to learn from.