Here’s a Pretty Lame Scam


I got the following voice mail today on my home phone.  It’s a pretty poorly done scam, yet some unsuspecting people will take it as legitimate and call the number as directed.

Here is the transcription of the voice mail:

“Or 584-0766. Let me repeat. This is a very important call to notify you that your Microsoft Windows license key has been expired on your computer. So Microsoft Corporation has stopped the Windows Services in your computer to renew the Microsoft Windows license key please call 844-584-0766. I will repeat 844-584-0766. Thank you.”

If you want to listen to the actual message, you can by clicking below.

It’s safe to click as I uploaded the voicemail recording to this blog, so that’s where it is playing from.  The actual message is pretty bad as it’s likely a foreign hacker using a generated voice so as not to sound foreign.  Even so, it sounds pretty bad.

Pretty bad, right?  But think of an elderly person getting this message.  They are likely to return the call as it seems important.  Worse, if the person being called actually picked up, it’s likely a live person would have been on the other end of the phone.

Just another social engineering attack, to trick unsuspecting people into giving the bad guys money.  Spread the word that this is going around, so no one you know gets taken by this.  Yes, it’s lame, but it obviously works or they wouldn’t be doing it.

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