Happy Valentines Day! Be Careful Online...

Valentines Day is a day for romance and universal happiness, but online it also brings worrisome activity. Believe it or not, romance scams are on the rise and what better day that Valentines Day to be wary.

According to the FTC, romance scams have tripled since 2015. Worse, they almost always involve theft of the victims money. The bottom line is if you are talking with a romantic interest online and they ask for money, disconnect fast! These are sophisticated scams and lure in a lot of victims. The most vulnerable age group seems to be those 40-69 years of age. Financial loses to these scams reached a massive $200 million last year, a six fold increase over the preceding four years, so don't dismiss the warning.

The FTC has a good resource for anyone concerned about falling victim to one of these scams. Please also share it with anyone you know who is looking for love online.

What You Need to Know About Romance Scams.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day!