Great Two Factor (2FA) Resource

I’m sure you’ve heard the term 2FA, which is IT lingo for Two Factor Authentication, also known as Multi-Factor Authentication.  2FA keeps your accounts secure, by requiring more than just a username and password to login.  This is the best and simplest way to keep your online accounts secure and keep the hackers away.

If you have ever logged in to a web site that required you to use an app, after entering your username or password, or sent you a text with a code to enter, you’ve used 2FA.  I’ve written several blog posts about 2FA as well.

Microsoft Authenticator App-The New 2FA Kid on the Block and 2 Factor Authentication Should No Longer be Optional are two such posts.  If you search this blog for Cyber Security tag, you will find several more.

One of the challenges with 2FA is knowing which software and services support it.  There is a fantastic web site that tracks exactly this.  You can search for web site and services that you use or click on a category to see all of the options.  Even better, the site lets you know how 2FA is supported and if it’s not, if provides a way for you to contact the vendor and ask that they support 2FA.  This appears to be a crowd sourced site, but it is a great resource that I recommend you save and refer to often.

Two Factor Auth (2FA)


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