Good Business Partners are Critical for Success

It should come as no secret that the information technology business is a complex landscape.  From ever evolving technological innovation and change to the critical shortage of a qualified and diverse workforce, this business has many challenges, just as most do.

One strategic advantage that has proven successful over the years is picking the right business partners and working so closely with them that the lines between the two organizations are at times, almost non-existent.

I’ve spent the past week in several strategic meetings, talking with various business partners about taking our collective businesses to new heights of success.  It’s been exciting and energizing and I’m looking forward to building even closer relationships that bring clear benefit to our clients.

One such example of this is our partnership with Barracuda Networks and their Intronis MSP Solutions business unit.  The video below is a great testament to a wonderful partnership that directly benefits our clients.  Pete Peterson, our VP of Sales, Zach Leffler, one of our Account Executives, Allison Mascolo, my team lead for Client Engagement and Nick Thomas, one of our Technical Account Managers do a great job explaining why good business partners like Barracuda/Intronis are key to our success.

You’ll also get a great view of our Onepath New England office 🙂  Enjoy.

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