GDPR Isn’t Just for Europe. What US Companies Need To Know.

As I posted yesterday, It Happens One Month From Today, the European Union’s GDPR data privacy regulations go into effect in less than one month now.


CompTIA, representing the global information technology industry surveyed 400 US based companies about their understanding of and readiness for GDPR.  The results were not good, if you are concerned about data privacy and companies compliance with laws governing it.

CompTIA issued a press release yesterday, highlighting the results of its survey on the topic.  As the press release highlights;

“Confusion about the regulations remains a significant problem for many companies,” said Todd Thibodeaux, CompTIA president and CEO.   “Only one in four respondents claim to be very familiar with GDPR,” Thibodeaux reported. “Some believe it applies primarily to companies in the EU; others, only to large multinational corporations. Alarmingly, three in ten companies believe GDPR does not go into effect until the end of 2018.”

Alarming indeed!  Data privacy issues do not know borders nor governments.  It transcends everyone and everything.  To think that so many organizations do not think the new regulations impact them and have not even started to plan to support the new regulations within one month of implementation is negligent.

If you are concerned about data privacy, I encourage you to review the CompTIA State of US GDPR Readiness survey results and take action to protect yourself and your business.

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