Free Educational Resource

Future of Tech, Curated by CompTIA is a new YouTube channel that you should keep an eye on.

Earlier today, I was having an interesting conversation with a colleague about risks to our industry. One of those risks is not getting enough young people excited about careers in tech. My dear friend and colleague Amy Kardel has joined CompTIA as Vice President, Strategic Workforce Relationships. I'm excited to see the impact she will have on this very issue.

This new YouTube channel will allow you to "Meet the future of tech, a free and growing library of resources for educators curated by CompTIA and aimed at getting you up to speed on what's next and new."

While this is targeted at educators, the videos are an excellent resource for anyone. Subscribe and check out the new videos as they come online and share your feedback.

It's up to those of us in the tech industry to ensure the ongoing health of our industry and the global economy. The first step is to affect change in our educational system. We must expose our youth to the entirety of opportunities that are there for them in all areas of tech. Thank you CompTIA for taking a meaningful step on this critical path to success for us all!