Enjoy a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend

This weekend marks Labor Day here in the United States. For many, this equates to the end of the summer season. Together with the resumption of school schedules from pre-school's to institutions of higher learning and the start of the fall sports season, it's a time when many refocus their efforts from now through the end of the calendar year.

Labor Day exists to celebrate labor. More specifically, the labor movements that built this great nation. Labor Unions today have their pluses and their minuses. I've seen both sides of Unions during my career. Whether you approve or disapprove of Unions, Labor Day exists in part because of them. It's a time to celebrate our labor, our work ethic and the good that can be done in the world when we work for nobler ideals than just our own.

I hope you enjoy a very safe and happy Labor Day weekend. See you in September!