Do You Leverage Office 365 Add-Ins?

If you use Office 365, you know what a good productivity tool it is. But do you know about all of the Office 365 Add-Ins that are available to make you even more productive?

One of the great things about Office 365 is the large community of developers who create add-ins and integrations to make Office 365 better than it is off the shelf. Every app has a large library of add-ins designed to make the app shine.

If you haven't explored the add-ins available for Office 365, check out the Microsoft AppSource catalog for Office 365, which lists over 2,700 available add-ins. Add-ins let you do things like create official documents for electronic review and signature right within Microsoft Word. You can search and insert images to your PowerPoint presentations from large databases of freely available image files. You can integrate and share information between popular business applications like Salesforce, Lucidchart, Zoom and more.

There is almost an add-in for anything you can think of. Most common apps have add-ins or integrations that allow you to leverage that app within your Office 365 applications. It allows you to remain working inside the applications you use most while still accessing the productivity of other apps and services you have come to rely on.

Take some time to review the AppSource catalog. I'm sure you will find some useful add-ins that you can start taking advantage of right away. Enjoy!