Disgusting, But Sadly Expected

Hackers are hard at work trying to scam you with phishing campaigns related to the horrific Parkland, FL school shooting incident last week.  As disgusting as this is, it’s become the new norm.  A shocking tragedy takes place and hackers come out of the woodwork, trying to trick unsuspecting people with fake fundraising and news links and stories.  It’s all about the scam.


You may receive email messages asking for donations, sharing new information about the incident or links to new videos and news reports.  Be very suspect of anything you receive that references a recent tragic event liks this.

If you want to research news stories or donate to charitable funds setup in response to the tragedy, please go directly to the web site of the organization you wish to support or the site of the news source.  Don’t click email links that could take you to compromised sites that the hackers are using to try to steal your payment or other information.

Be vigilant against these heartless and slimy operators, both at home and at work.

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