Digital Spring Cleaning – Suns Out!

With the warmer weather and increasing sunshine, thoughts turn to spring cleaning. While you’re working in your yard and around your home, don’t forgot about digital spring cleaning as well.

Throughout the year, most people collect a lot of digital information about themselves. Just think of all the records you just went through, in order to file your taxes! What will you do with all of this information? Especially the sensitive stuff.

The National Cyber Security Alliance and the Better Business Bureau are encouraging everyone to spend some time doing digital spring cleaning. They are asking people to focus on three simple actions:

  1. Lock Down Your Login: Be sure you use strong passphrases and not just simple passwords. Whenever possible, enable two-factor authentication to further lock things down.

  2. Update Your System and Software: Hackers love out of date systems and software. Apply the latest updates to be sure your systems and software are properly protected.

  3. Back It Up: A good backup is so important. Cloud based backup options are quite afforable, so there’s no reason not to have a solid backup of your data.


Don’t forget, when disposing of electronic devices, they may need to be digitally shredded to insure that no data is left behind. Don’t just throw your old computers, mobile devices and memory sticks away. Be sure they are wiped of any personal data. This is true for office equipment as well, especially copiers, which often scan and store a digital image of what is copied. Click the image above and review the tip sheet for more information.

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