Digital Coronavirus Threats

Hackers are actively exploiting the Coronavirus outbreak around the world. As the Coronavirus spreads in the United States, expect to see the hackers increase their efforts there.

There are plenty of the typical phishing email scams going around, so be very skeptical of email messages related to the Coronavirus. Remember, you should never divulge any health related information by email, so any message that asks for that type of information is a clear red flag.

In addition to more traditional email scams, hackers are also using a but more creativity during this crisis. Some hackers are doing so by using interactive maps that show the status of Coronavirus outbreaks around the world. By clicking on the map, you may be installing malware on your computer that will track your online activity and look to harvest your usernames and passwords.

CDC Confirmed COVID-19 Global Outbreak Map (non-interactive/not clickable)

Practice digital hygiene with the same vigor you are (hopefully) practicing physical hygiene to remain safe.