Defeat the ZoomBomber

Even though ZoomBombing came to light several weeks ago, there seem to be more and more reports of hackers successfully ZoomBombing more and more Zoom meetings. With schools, religious institutions and millions of businesses relying on Zoom to remain connected through the pandemic, defeating the ZoomBomber is an important thing to do.

The last thing you want is to start a meeting and find unwanted guests there. Some have been known to share their screens and display pornography, hateful graphics and/or words, profanity and more. Don't let this happen to you. Expanding on my post from last week titled "Don't Get Zoombombed!", the following are some easy steps you can take to secure your Zoom meetings:

  1. Set a meeting password for every meeting.

  2. Do not embed the meeting password in the meeting URL for one click access.

  3. Enable the Waiting Room, so you have to admit meeting participants to the meeting.

  4. Enable a sound for when people join or leave the meeting. So that it does not annoy the rest of the people in the meeting, enable this for the Host only, so that the host known when people come and go, which can alert you to a possible ZoomBomber if everyone you invited has already joined the meeting.

  5. Disable screen sharing for participants. Only the host should be able to share their screen. This will prevent anyone form sharing, intentionally or unintentionally, anything that should not be shared.

  6. Do not allow anyone that you remove from a meeting to rejoin.

These six simple settings will allow you to keep you meeting mostly secured from a potential ZoomBomber. I say mostly, because nothing is every 100% when it comes to cybersecurity.

Finally, and this should be obvious, install updates whenever they are available. Zoom has stopped work on feature requests for the time being so they can focus on making sure the platform is as secure as possible to combat the ZoomBombing phenomenon.

On a lighter note, once good thing that has come with the increase in usage of Zoom meetings are some very creative backgrounds. I was on a meeting today that featured scenes of Tatooine, a beach front broacast studio, a BSOD, the Tiger King and my beloved lake. It makes meetings a bit more personal and certainly more entertaining.