Data Breach Response Planning Guide from the CompTIA IT Security Community

CompTIA's IT Security Community has released a Data Breach Planning Guide that is well worth checking out.

This 10 page guide gives you a solid outline to building and maintaining your data breach response plan. This is something that every business should have, just in case you suffer a data breach. The worst time to plan your response is in the middle of needing to respond.

This informative guide is based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) and is a practical outline of the elements of a data breach response plan. There are several links to additional resources to help you craft a plan to protect your organization.

CompTIA members should download this guide from this link. Non-members may also be able to access this for a period of time as CompTIA often offers resources like this freely outside the membership portal. And if you're not a CompTIA member, resources like this are one of the things that makes CompTIA membership the best value in the IT industry so if you find this valuable, support your non-profit global IT trade association and become a member today.