Cybersecure Your Business Wrap-up #CyberAware

This week has been all about “Cybersecurity in the Workplace Is Everyone’s Business.”

To wrap up the week, I want talk about two thing; Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and small and mid-size business resources to help you develop, maintain and improve your cyber security posture.

BYOD is a rapidly growing reality in all businesses, large and small.  My company, Onepath, has a BYOD policy for mobile devices and in certain cases, laptop computers as well.  What is BYOD?  Essentially it means that employees bring their personally owned devices to use in the workplace.  This saves businesses considerable hardware expense and saves employees from having to carry multiple devices with them.

I’m sure you’ve seen more than a few people carrying multiple smartphones, to keep their personal and work smartphones with them.  That is just not necessary and the rise of BYOD validates this.

Key to an effective implementation of BYOD is establishing the policy that governs the use of personal devices in the workplace.  This includes establishing what apps and data may be used for work related activities, as well as the ownership of data on the personal device.

The second wrap-up item I want to address are the wealth of resources available to small and mid-size businesses to help with cyber security plans.

The Department of Homeland Security has an excellent set of resources available at this link.

On this page are links to a Small and Midsize Business Toolkit,  Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0 and links to resources from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness TeamFederal Trade Commission and National Cyber Security Alliance.

Explore these resources as well as the additional resources linked below, to help you maintain an appropriate cyber security posture for your business.

Small Business Tip Card

Small Business Presentation (PDF)

Small Business Presentation (PPT)

Entrepreneurs Tip Card

FCC Cybersecurity Planning Guide

FCC Small Business Tip Sheet

DHS Cybersecurity Overview

DHS Industry Resources

Mobile Security Tip Card

Mobile Security One Pager

Social Media Guide

Cybersecurity While Traveling Tip Card

Internet of Things Tip Card

Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign Backgrounder

Protect Your Workplace Materials

Stop.Think.Connect. Rollout Package

Next week, we will explore the future of the Internet as part of this years National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Until then, have a good weekend. #CyberAware

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