Cyber Monday Precautions

CISA re-released their Security Tip (ST07-001) Shopping Safely Online today. Perfect timing for Cyber Monday. If your email inbox is like mine, you have more Cyber Monday messages than ones from actual people!

If you do any online shopping, especially today, I encourage you to review this bulletin.

Here are some of the high level warnings and recommendations, but please review the actual bulletin for more details:

  • Beware of fraudulent web sites and email messages.

  • Be sure your transactions will not be intercepted by malicious actors.

  • Be sure the computer or mobile device you are using is not vulnerable to attack.

  • Only do business with known, reputable vendors.

  • Be sure all information and transactions are encrypted.

  • Be wary of email messages asking for information about you.

  • Only use a credit card when shopping online. Never use a debit card.

  • Check your shopping app security settings.

  • Check your statements for unauthorized transactions.

  • Check privacy policies so you know what you are agreeing to.