CompTIA's IT Industry Outlook for 2020

Earlier this month, CompTIA published their annual IT Industry Outlook research report. As in years past, this is one of the best research reports put out in the IT industry.

The top 10 trends to watch for this coming year are:

  1. Tech-Washing Fades In Favor Of Real Strategy.

  2. Workforce Diversity Grows In Many Ways.

  3. Tech Topics Are Front And Center In U.S. Elections.

  4. Hype Meets Reality With Emerging Technology.

  5. Internet Of Things Continues To Redefine It Architecture.

  6. Artificial Intelligence Eats The World.

  7. Demand For Integration Drives Demand For Automation.

  8. Cybersecurity Becomes More Operational.

  9. Deep Fakes And 5g Exacerbate The Data Management Challenge.

  10. Tech Industry Regulation Stirs Fears.

In addition to highlighting these trends, this report offers a lot of information about the present state of the IT industry and the impact of the business on the global economy, jobs and more. I encourage you to read this easily digestible report to learn what's ahead for the IT industry next year.

You may click here to download a copy with my compliments or access it online at CompTIA's web site.