CompTIA ChannelCon is Right Around the Corner

In two weeks, on August 5th the IT industry will gather at CompTIA's annual ChannelCon event. This year the event is being held in Las Vegas, at the Bellagio.

ChannelCon is my must attend event each year. Why? Because no where else does the industry gather from the smallest start-up to the largest household names in technology. CompTIA is all about vendor neutrality and making the industry better for all who work in.

As a trade association, CompTIA is also the largest certifying body of technical professionals there is. CompTIA certifications have launched many IT careers and business successes. With the large gap in qualified IT talent to fill the ever growing open jobs in IT, CompTIA is also committing to ensuring we have the workforce we need for the future.

All of this adds up to an event packed with learning and opportunity. If you work in the IT industry, this event is a must. From the ChannelCon website:

"THE NAME OF THE GAME IN THE BUSINESS OF TECH is turning innovation into realities for your bottom line. Join top tech industry thought-leaders and peers for three inspiring days of vendor-neutral collaboration, learning and partnership. You’ll walk away with a jackpot of new ideas and tools to grow your business and keep our industry at the top of its game."

Who wouldn't want to participate in this? If you are going to ChannelCon this year, let me know and let's connect while there. If you haven't thought about going, you really should attend. It's late in the game, but never to late to roll the dice and invest in yourself and your business success. Hope to see you there.