Community Really Matters

I received an email update from CompTIA this afternoon and the headline graphic read "Community matters now more than ever." That really couldn't be more true.

This morning, I was on a meeting of a peer group that I coach and one of the members said he has been feeling in a funk the last couple of weeks. That lead to an extensive discussion about supporting one another and our teams during these times. While many people are remaining productive and are engaged in meaningful work, there is no question that things are more stressful than "normal."

Earlier this week, I participated in a webinar put on by the University of New Hampshire, focused on staying productive during these times. One of the themes was that we cannot forget that things are very different right now and that it's OK to feel down now and again. The important thing is not to let it get the better of you. The presented talked about strategies to help you maintain productivity in a healthy way and how to manage the unique stress than many are feeling right now.

It struck me that three of my most respected institutions, my alma mater, the University of New Hampshire, The ASCII Group, for whom I lead the ASCII Insider coaching program and CompTIA, the IT industry vendor-neutral, non-profit, member-led trade association have all touched on this important topic this week.

Community matters. It helps us stay focused, motivated and informed, not just in times of crisis, but all the time. If you are not currently part of a Community, please consider joining one, even if you don't think you need the support. You'll be pleasant surprised what you may learn.