Citizens Bank Resolution…At Long Last


After six months of seemingly never ending delays and frustration, my saga with Citizens Bank is finally resolved.  The resolution is credit to a very empathetic and helpful woman named Amelia at the New Hampshire Banking Commission.

After lodging complaints with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and the United States Comptroller of the Currency and reopening the report we filed with the Portsmouth New Hampshire Police Department, Citizens Bank finally did the right thing, in under a week.  The AG’s office referred to the case to the Banking Commission and even though Citizens Bank is not under the enforcement of the State, Amelia reached out to her contacts at Citizens Bank and got the President of the NH/VT region for Citizens Bank to call me.

After speaking with the President and describing the situation, a check for my mother’s missing money is on the way.  No more affidavit’s, no more back and forth phone calls, letters and frustrations.  On Friday, the woman at the Office of the Chairman called to provide the tracking information for the payment and to see how I wanted to resolve the matter of the overdraft on our personal account, after the account was confirmed permanently closed.  I requested that in lieu of the fact that Citizens Bank was not returning my mother’s money with interest, I felt it would be a proper gesture of good will on the banks part to just make this matter go away and remove the negative report on our account.  Within hours, she called me back to let me know my request had been approved.

This long, frustrating saga is finally resolved.  I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions about Citizens Bank.  I still strongly feel that Citizens Bank is one hundred percent responsible for what happened.  I am thankful that they finally did what was right and are returning my mother’s money and erasing any remaining issues on our personal accounts.  At the end of the day, none of this ever should have happened and that’s what still concerns me most.  I can only hope that this situation will cause Citizens Bank to investigate thoroughly how this happened and why it took six months and the involvement of so many agencies and resources to resolve.

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