Business Fundamentals Bootcamp


Supporting Strategies of MA and NH Business Fundamentals Bootcamp, held at the Andover Country Club.  From the Supporting Strategies website “Supporting Strategies’ Business Fundamentals Bootcamp program provides tactical education to growing businesses to help them succeed.  At each Bootcamp event, CEO’s and CXO’s of growth-stage companies are educated on tactical issues in areas such as marketing, finance, law and HR by the best and brightest subject matter experts in the local business community.  Visit our upcoming Bootcamp Events page to see our schedule of upcoming events and to register for an event near you.”

I spoke to a group of attendees during a breakout session on Cyber Security.  During this session, I reviewed Internet & Telephone’s strategy to address Cyber Security concerns.  Fundamental to this strategy is our adherence to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework.  The Framework is built around five key components; 1. Identify, 2. Protect, 3. Detect, 4. Respond, 5. Recover.

The session was interactive, with several questions asked by those in attendance.  I love it when those in attendance engage.  It makes for a significantly better session, as the presentation gets tied to real world scenarios based on the questions that are asked.  This helps to demystify many of the topics and perhaps most importantly, makes it easier for those listening to understand the concepts and relate them to their own experiences, both in the personal and professional lives.

My primary goal for any presentation like this is to educate.  An informed audience is my primary goal.  If just one person walks away with a better understanding of their role in protecting the security of the personal and professional data and computer network, it’s been a successful delivery.

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