Boy Scouts get Kudos Too!

After my post Kudos to the Girl Scouts! yesterday, I got a few messages letting me

CyberChip Patch

Kudos to the Boy Scouts for also having a good cyber-citizen program to educate their members about the importance of cybersecurity and being safe online.  Like the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts also have a partner helping them with this program.  They have partnered with NetSmartz, a program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

These program are so important to our younger generations.  These kids are growing up in a digital world that is interconnected and always on.  Whether we are talking about cyber-bullying, hacking, identity theft or interference with nation states, education around these and emerging cyber risk is critical to protecting everyone and everything.

I’m thrilled to see these program out there.  They set a great example for schools and other organizations, for innovative and engaging ways to ensure our youth our equiped to deal with the new realities of the digital future.

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