Beware of Text Phishing!

We are all too familiar with email phishing. Messages that look legitimate yet are anything but. Did you know there are also text based phishing campaigns? There are and they are getting really good.

Check out this image to the right. I received this on my phone a couple of days ago. It's an excellent phish and even mentions me by name. I'm a frequent customer of Amazon, but fortunately for me, I know to be very suspect of messages like this. First, I've never received a text message update about an order from Amazon. I don't subscribe to updates like this. Second, I didn't have an active order when I got this text, so that was an immediate tip off. Third, the use of the truncated AMZ was a concern as was the order number format. In my experience, Amazon order numbers are 16+ digits and not in the alphanumeric format on the text message. Finally, the link. I don't click links in text messages and you shouldn't either.

I suspect that this message would have attempted to install some form of malicious software onto my phone. Just because I use an iPhone, I don't take threats like this for granted. Every platform can be compromised if the right payload comes through to the device.

This threat was first identified in January 2020. It seems to be making another round, hoping to trick people into clicking the link. I hope this example helps you be more safe and not fall victim to any type of phishing.