Beware of Hurricane Harvey Online Scams!


There are fake groups popping up on Facebook pages and tweets being sent with links to fake charity websites.  Email phishing campaigns are ramping up.  In a truly sick twist of irony, as Texas grapples with the prospect of increasing rainfall over the coming days, we can expect to see increasing attempts to scam us in the name of Hurricane Harvey.

Some email phishing campaigns are reported to be using the hashtag #HurricaneHarveyReliefFunds that the hackers are actually pocketing themselves.

Bottom line, don’t click on any links in email or social media purporting to support charitable giving for those impacted by this terrible storm.  Instead, go to your favorite charities web site, something like the American Red Cross, which has setup a page to accept donation to help those impacted.

You didn’t just click that link did you?  I hope not, as that means you didn’t heed my warning, which is what this post is all about.  Please don’t panic if you did.  If you did click the link you know you went to a special page I setup on my blog, right here within this site, that tells you how you should actually go about contacting the Red Cross, if that is your preferred charity.

Remember, it’s always best to NOT CLICK!  Type in the address instead.  You’ll be safer for it.

My thoughts go out to all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  I have many friends and family in harm’s way.  So far, all are safe and hopefully everyone will stay safe until this storm fully passes.

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