Are You Weathering the “Bomb Cyclone”

The entire East Coast of the United States is being hit with what’s being called a “Bomb Cyclone” this week.  This refers to a snow event coupled with hurricane like winds and record low pressure.


Here in New England, the media has been pretty funny about this.  The “Bomb Cyclone” is complete with “wicked” (a very Boston term) cold temperatures pushed in the region by the Polar Vortex.  Sounds epic!

To be sure, the conditions in New England are rapidly deteriorating this morning.  White Out conditions are already present in much of the region.  How is your business weathering the storm?  Yes, the pun is intended.

For my own company, we are operating mostly remotely today.  We provide IT services to small and medium sized clients around the country, with a heavy concentration up and down the East Coast, so most of our clients are impacted.  We have to be fully operational through an event like this, in order to support our clients, whether they are impacted or not.

The primary issues that a storm like this present are power outage and travel limitations.  If your staff is unable to get to your office, are they still able to work and interact with others who may not be impacted by the weather and are operating business as usual?  Do you have all of your business systems in the Cloud or a private data center so that these system remain online and available, regardless of whether your office has power and connectivity or not?  Does your staff know how to securely connect to these systems from home or any location where they may be working today?  Is your phone system setup with remote phones that staff may use from remote locations or from their smartphone, so that callers to your company don’t need to think about a different number to call to reach your team?  Do you have contingencies in place for alternate power or alternate work locations if your office is inaccessible for an extended period of time?

These and other questions are important things to know before you find yourself in the midst of the next “Bomb Cyclone” should we experience another or similar extreme weather event.

Stay safe today and hopefully, wherever you are working from today, you’re as productive as you would be if you were sitting at your desk in your office.  I am.

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