Another Great Gadget to Give

Sorry not to have posted yesterday.  Wound up being a very busy day, which is always a good thing, so I will get caught up with my daily recommendations today.

Keeping with the theme of portable charging, if you have an Apple Watch and find


This little unit has a built in battery that will fully charge an Apple Watch in under 3 hours.  If you just need a quick top-off, to get you through the day, it does so efficiently and quickly.  The charger is re-charged with a standard Micro-USB cable, so if you have the myCharge Hub that I posted yesterday, you can re-charge this with that.  You’ll have everything you need to stay powered up on the go or during a power outage.

Anyone with an Apple Watch should appreciate this little gift, which costs less than $40 and can be found on Amazon.  The link will take you to one of the models that I recommend.

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