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Today, Onepath announced our acquisition of Paradigm Computer Consulting to our clients.  This is an especially exciting development for me, as I have been friends with the owners of Paradigm since 2004.

Ironically, even through Paradigm is headquartered in Bedford, NH, we actually met in Tampa, FL at the inaugural ConnectWise Partner Summit, what is now known as IT Nation.  There were several of us from New England, all about the same age, all with very similar young and growing Managed IT Services businesses.  At that time, we formed a group we called NECWUG, short for New England ConnectWise User Group, to stay connected with one another throughout the year.  It started as an email group on Yahoo and we stayed in close touch, helping each other to grow our businesses.  What started as professional interactions quickly became strong friendships that bridged the professional interaction to share personal triumphs, tragedies and all that life has to offer.  Over the years, the ranks grew to include others across the country, some just as professional friends but many becoming personal friends as well.

Fast forward to today’s announcement and for some of us, things have come full circle.  Two years ago, Paradigm acquired Excel Tech in Providence, RI, another NECWUG original.  Today, Paradigm is now part of the Onepath family.

Coupled together as Onepath, we are the best team in the industry with years of excellence, expertise and passion that is simply unmatched!  In case it’s not obvious, I’m incredibly excited about our future and welcoming the Paradigm team and clients to Onepath.  With strong local presence throughout the Northeast and Southeast coupled with our growing national presence, we are truly the Easier Way to Get Hard Things done, from the Cable to the Cloud.  We do this by bringing More Horsepower, More Commitment and a More Complete Game Plan to our clients, every day.

Here is the announcement we sent to our New England based clients this morning.  A similar message was sent to our Southeast clients as well:

As an important Onepath client in New England, I wanted to share some exciting news with you. We at Onepath are continuing to evolve and expand our capabilities to better meet your business needs.

After successfully integrating Internet & Telephone into the Onepath family last summer, I am excited to share that we recently acquired Paradigm Computer Consulting (Paradigm), a leading technology services company, headquartered in Bedford, NH with offices in RI, FL and OH. With this acquisition, we are happy to have an expanded presence in New Hampshire, serving our existing and legacy clients. In addition to that, we now have enhanced our presence throughout the northeast and strengthened our capabilities in the legal, financial services and healthcare market verticals in the managed services market nationally, all while remaining just a click, email, or short drive away from our clients.

Paradigm has been extremely successful in expanding its business and loyal client base across multiple geographies. By combining forces, we now expect to build upon our collective strengths to offer more horsepower and local presence as we continue to deliver superior end-to-end technology solutions to clients like you.

We look forward to sharing more details in the coming months.

About Paradigm

  1. Paradigm Computer Consulting provides business-class Managed IT Services, VoIP Telephony Solutions, Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, and Network Security Solutions to help businesses with almost any aspect of their IT and communications strategy.

  2. The company, headquartered in Bedford, NH and with regional operations in Providence, RI, Columbus, OH, and Clearwater, FL, provides first class service in a proactive manner to over 300 business customers in those markets across legal, healthcare and the financial services market verticals, among others.

  3. You may learn more about Paradigm by visiting:

We are excited about the future as Onepath continues to expand our portfolio and geographies. In the meantime, if there is anything I can do to help you please let me know. Thanks for being a great client.



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MJ Shoer | Director, Client Engagement & vCIO


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