An Evening of Sharing

Last evening, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of business owners and consultants about my experience selling my company. I took the attendees through my journey of selling my company, merging in to the acquiring organization, that organization being acquired and making another acquisition shortly thereafter. I also shared my reasons for eventually leaving that organization and going back to my entrepreneurial roots and starting my current consulting practice.

The event was described as a Transition to Freedom: Do you want to know where your business stands, and why you should have an eventual exit strategy? Every attendee was also offered a free Value Builder Assessment for their business, which will identify opportunities to increase its value.

The event was put on by mPower Advisors and Business Transition Strategies, consultancies that help their clients develop their workforce and plan for their eventual exit from the business.

mPower Advisors, lead by Dave Clough, is a small and medium-size business (SMB) advisory firm with deep expertise in:

  • Business Coaching

  • Strategy - Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, Growth, Turnaround

  • Employee and Leadership Development

  • Inter-generational Working Environment (Millennials to Boomers)

  • Owner Productivity - Delegation, Empowerment, Time Management

  • Recruiting and Hiring A-Players

  • Retention - Retain Your Best

  • Sales - Plans (Commission, Incentive), Management, Training

  • Marketing - Plans, SWOT, Direct, Newsletters, Online (Ads), Blogs, Video, Press Releases, SEO

  • Customer Support - Process, Strategy, Training

  • Professional Services -Business Models, Strategy, Project Management

  • Motivation -Inspiring to Achieve More

  • Team Building - Teams Achieve More (Than Individuals)

Business Transition Strategies (BTS), lead by John Howe, is a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) firm focused on the lower-mid market. They provide buy-side and sell-side M&A advisory services to private companies, generally with revenues between $2 million and $20 million mostly within New England and New York. Their range of services are designed to help owners prepare and complete a transfer. They have offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Dave and I go back 36 years to 1983, when we were next door roommates in Williamson Hall at the University of New Hampshire. We are also lifelong Phi Kappa Theta fraternity brothers. Dave reached out to me about sharing my story to help other businesses owners get focused on their own journey to what may be an eventual sale.

The event was held at the Tuscan Kitchen in Portsmouth and was well attended. I shared my story, including things that went well, things that didn't go quite so well, things I would have done differently and lessons learned. I also shared that I have no regrets and would do it again knowing what I know now. I believe in being transparent, to help others learn from my experiences. Ironically, Dave and my fraternity motto is "Give Expecting Nothing Thereof," so when Dave asked if I would share my story to help others considering the same type of path, of course the answer was yes.

Thanks to Dave and John for asking me to participate and for the great Q&A session we had last evening. I was impressed by the caliber of attendees, which is a great statement on the success of their businesses. I had some truly enjoyable conversations after the Q&A wrapped. I appreciated the thoughtful questions that were asked by Dave, John and several of the attendees. I learned a lot and hope I shared more value than I received. After all, that's the Phi Kap way!