Active MSP Ransomware Attacks

MSPs are being actively targeted by bad actors and in some cases, these attacks are successful. While there are many different types of attacks targeting MSPs, ransomware seems to be the most effective, as it is overall.

When MSPs are targeted by ransomware, not only are their internal systems at risk, so are those of all of their customers. That is why it is so critical for MSPs to have their own house in order, so they are able to effectively protect their customers and when all else fails, help their customers respond and recover.

Through the work I am doing with the CompTIA ISAO, our team of cyber analysts developed a report about the ransomware risk for MSPs. It's a deep dive on sources and methods and most importantly, mitigation strategies. Members of the CompTIA ISAO have access to this important report right now. If you are not a member of the CompTIA ISAO, I recommend visiting to learn more or reach out to to speak to a membership team member and get signed up. This report alone will give you instant ROI on the membership dues.

We have to work together to combat these threats and that's exactly what the CompTIA ISAO is here to do. We are building a trusted community to share critical cyber threat intelligence so that working together, we will raise the resilience of the global tech industry.

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