A Great Event and Community

I have spent the last two days at Technology Marketing Toolkit‘s 2nd Quarter Producer’s Club meeting. Technology Marketing Toolkit (TMT) is a marketing and sales coaching organization for service firms in the IT industry, specifically Managed Services Providers.

TMT’s mission is “To build a community of success-minded entrepreneurs that inspires excellence, encourages collaboration and expands the capacity of all members to achieve great things.”

The company was founded by Robin Robins and has evolved around her personal brand, expertise and mission over the last 15 + years. Specifically, Robin’s top areas of expertise are:

  1. Creating low-cost marketing plans for “startup” MSPs and IT services businesses that are “one-man-band” to $1 million in sales.

  2. Creating more sophisticated sales and marketing systems for larger, growth-mode MSPs in the $1 to $10 million range.

  3. Creating reliable, repeatable “Marketing Oil Wells” using marketing automation and CRM systems to maximize the performance of any marketing campaign or plan.

  4. Creating multi-media sequencing campaigns that generate 2-3 times the average response and results.

  5. Cultivating extremely profitable sponsorship and strategic joint venture partnerships.

  6. Coaching IT sales and marketing teams for peak performance.

  7. Creating high-performance sales processes and playbooks for IT services and MSP sales.

I was Robin’s second client when she was getting started. Her coaching and guidance were integral to the success of my business and our eventual acquistion. It’s been wonderful to watch TMT grow into the impressive community that it is today. I remained a highly satisfied client until 2016, after I had sold and integrated my MSP business into the company that acquired us.

Along the way, Robin and I have become friends and confidants with tremendous mutual respect for one another. As I embark on my next adventure, I’m excited to be working with Robin and her team on a special project for her members. Here are some pictures of Robin and I on stage this morning, announcing this new program, which will be exclusive to her membership. It was nice to be back on stage with Robin.

Members also share successful strategies they have implemented. These may be related to generating more leads, closing more sales or gaining operational efficiencies in the business. Some of the best ideas are shared during these member sessions. The are panels, workshops and vendor sponsor booths, many of whom also have brief opportunities to speak to the attendees in between sessions.

There is usually also one headline speaker that closes out the event. Today, that speaker was none other than Shark Tank‘s Daymond John. Daymond shared his life journey in an entertaining, funny and informative hour and a half talk, much of it set to hip hop music, the inspiration behind his wildly successful FUBU brand. I had hoped to be able to get to meet Daymond and grab a quick picture with him, but I had to leave for the airport before his session wrapped up. I did manage to capture a couple of pictures of Daymond on stage.

It’s great to be engaging with the industry in new and exciting ways. There’s more to follow here. Stand by for my formal announcement soon.

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