A Flurry of Cybersecurity Activity

Joe Panettieri and the good folks over at Channele2e published an excellent piece today titled MSP Judgement Day, Ransomware Attacks Threaten Industry Credibility, Reputation.  If you are an MSP, you had better read this article and not dismiss it as alarmist.

Over the last few days, I have been engaged in numerous discussions about this very concern.  Ironic that the piece I wrote this weekend titled Are You Auditing Your Suppliers IT Security? If Not, You Should Be! essentially speaks to the same issue.

Our industry is under a microscope right now and how we respond will have direct impact on the future of our industry.


Things seem to be getting worse, certainly worse before they get better.  The IT industry needs to do all that it can to protect our clients and the government needs to do all it can to expand public-private partnerships aimed at securing our collective computing infrastructure.

Be absolutely vigilant in your cyber protection efforts.  Train, train and re-train as every employee you have is your last line of defense.  Stay safe out there and online.

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