5 Days to Black Friday: Today’s Recommendation

If you lose things, like your keys, etc., a Bluetooth tracker could be just the answer you are looking for, or rather for that person on your gift list who is constantly misplacing things.


There are two great products to choose from, Tile and Trackr.  Both are very similar, so you may with to read some of the in-depth reviews of the devices to decide which one may be best for you.  The main differentiator between the two is how they address the battery.  Tile is a self contained plastic device that you cannot replace the battery in.  When the battery


Both have apps for your smartphone to help you locate lost items.  I even have a client who has used one of these to prevent things from going missing, just by having it attached to the device that somehow kept disappearing around the office.  Now that one of these trackers is attached to the device, it seems to always be right where it is supposed to be.  Pretty smart if you ask me.

Here are a few of the comparison reviews I think you will find helpful in deciding which one of these trackers may be right for you or a person on your gift list:

  1. Tile vs Trackr: What’s the Best Tracker for Finding Your Lost Stuff?

  2. TrackR vs. Tile: The Lost-and-Found Face-Off

  3. TrackR vs. Tile – The Great Debate

  4. TILE vs.TRACKR – ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN (Bluetooth LOST & FOUND Trackers) (Video)

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