3/8 of an Inch

That’s what its come to.  The phone book, once an inches thick trove of valuable information is now a 3/8 of an inch book barely a fraction of what it once was.

I remember when being a Yellow Pages sales representative was one of the most coveted sales jobs there way.  These reps would make a healthy living, selling yellow page ads to businesses large and small.  If you didn’t have an actual ad, as opposed to just a listing, you could count on your competitors getting more business than you.


Portsmouth, New Hampshire area phone book.  To play on a cliché, this is not your father’s phone book.  There are no white pages listing for residential phone numbers.  Those are only available online.  What white pages there are only contain business listings, plus the ads on the venerable yellow pages.

To give some perspective on just how small the phone book has become, take a look at it alongside a toy fidget spinner.  Wow!


Will this be the last year of the phone book?  I don’t see it lasting for many more.  In my case, I opted out of receiving one in the future as this one went out with the curbside recycling this morning.  Times they are a changin’.

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