21-Block Cybersecurity Roadmap

In a recent CompTIA blog post titled Learn the 21-Block Cybersecurity Roadmap to Protect Your Clients, Robert Boles, founder and president of BLOKWORX, a California based Master Managed Security Services Provider has shared his 21-block cybersecurity roadmap. As shown in the graphic below, this roadmap is a comprehensive overview of what's required for MSPs to properly protect their clients.

The blue blocks represent the must have elements of any proper cybersecurity plan to protect your clients. The white blocks apply to those clients that have formal compliance requirements. The two gold blocks represent advanced cybersecurity concepts.

I've known Rob for many years and respect his cybersecurity expertise. He has shared this resource through the CompTIA IT Security Community, where he serves as a member of the executive council. Read the blog post for more of Rob's insight and follow the CompTIA Blog for more great content like this.