Office 365 Optimization

Now that you have or are considering Office 365, do you have a training plan to ensure that you team gains maximum productivity from it?​


You have or are implementing Office 365.  Are you leveraging the full capabilities of this powerful suite to enable the increased collaboration and productivity that you are seeking?  Let us help you use Office 365 as more than just an email platform.  First and foremost, we will audit your implementation to be sure you are configured properly and have implemented security best practices within your Office 365 tenant.  From there, we will focus on your internal teams and workflows, making sure you are taking advantage of the power that Office 365 brings to your business.  We will help you leverage OneDrive and Sharepoint for proper backup, collaboration and secure sharing, not just inside your company but with external third parties as well.  Leverage Teams for rich collaboration and communication beyond simple instant messaging.  Host interactive audio and video conferences and more.  There are over 18 tools and counting as part of Office 365.  Be sure you are getting the most from your subscription investment.


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