My MSP Journey

My MSP journey began in early 1997.  I had been working as an IT Director and running an ISP business within the same company.  The ISP business was sold off in late 1996 and I found myself at a crossroads.  I left the company I had been with in the midst of an partnership separation and joined a startup that had spun out from that separation.  Things did not go as I had hoped, so I left that startup and decided it was time to try my hand at starting my own business.  In February of 1997, Jenaly Technology Group was born and I had the pleasure to proudly run Jenaly for nearly 19 years, when it was acquired by Internet & Telephone in late 2015.


I had known the co-founders of Internet & Telephone for nearly 25 years.  I was their customer as far back as 1992, when I joined the company I ultimately became the IT Director for.  They helped us launch the ISP business and implement cutting edge telephony solutions that were on the leading edge.  When they decided to launch Internet & Telephone in 2002, I was their MSP.  Internet & Telephone was originally a CLEC, telephony and data bandwidth provider.  When the decision was made to pivot into becoming an MSP, I again helped Internet & Telephone select the right tools and partner with the right organizations to help them succeed.  Over the years we had always kept in touch and helped each other.  So, it was no surprise when they invited me for lunch, though I wasn't expecting them to pop the question.  Actually, it was more like a statement.  Something like, why are we doing this each in our own way.  Why don't we just do this together and make each of our companies better for it.  So, on December 1, 2015, Jenaly merged into Internet & Telephone and we became part of a larger family.


Fast forward to the spring of 2017 and the opportunity arose for us to join yet a larger, yet still very familiar family, Onepath.  We had been working with Onepath for several months on a rather unique project for one of our clients.  One thing lead to another, for a variety of reasons and it just made sense to put the organizations together.  So in May of 2017, Internet & Telephone was acquired by Onepath and in mid-August of 2017 we fully adopted the Onepath brand.


What follows are brief overviews of each of the MSP organizations I have been fortunate to work with.  This is how each company described itself to its clients and prospects during my time with the organizations on their respective web sites (not all of which are still online).  I think it provides a little insight into the culture of the companies and why each have been successful.

                       Jenaly Technology Group, Inc.
                       President & Virtual Chief Technology Officer
                       February 1997 - November 2015



Our Mission Statement

Jenaly Technology Group strives to be "Your Technology Concierge" for small and mid-size businesses.  We are committed to enabling the success of our clients by leveraging our own expertise in ways that help them realize profitable results from their technology initiatives.

Our Vision For Our IT Service Delivery


We are the IT Concierge for small and mid-size businesses.  We do this by continually over delivering on our clients expectations.  We provide clear and consistent communication and take ownership of our clients IT needs, allowing them to focus on what they do best, their business.  We have a loyal and caring staff who enjoy their work and the environment we have created, which allows them to do innovative and fulfilling work and enjoy the benefits of our collective success.

Your Technology Concierge


When you call on us for technology expertise, it's like walking up to the Concierge desk at your favorite hotel.  Just tell us what you need and we will get it done.  We won't trouble you with the technical details or the steps required (unless you are genuinely interested in knowing them).  We'll get the job done for you and we will guarantee the outcome and the quality of our work product.


We want you to remain focused on your business objectives and let us worry about your IT needs.  Whether it's a routing call to our Help Desk or a complex project that needs to be designed and implemented on-time and within your budget, we will own your IT needs as if they are our own.

"We have a very simple saying at Jenaly... "Client First."  Simply stated, it means we think about what's important for our clients first and foremost and we make them feel as valued as they are to us.  It's truly that simple."  MJ Shoer, President

Jenaly Technology Group is not a traditional reseller.  We focus on you, our client.  We get to know our clients' business and its goals so we can make the best IT recommendations while considering clients' resources.  Our objective is to make sure your use of technology is a profitable investment for your company.  In short, we want to be your fourth trusted advisor, your IT partner, right alongside your accountant, attorney and banker.  If you do not look at IT this way, let us show you how.

Our recommendations are based on our wealth of experience and knowledge of industry trends.  We maintain deep ties in the IT industry, to assure you that we maintain our skills and keep an eye out for new technologies that will benefit our clients.  We depend on technology ourselves, so we have a unique and keen perspective on how important it can be for a business.  We also "eat our own dog food."  Meaning, we have used most of the technologies we work with, so we know it first hand.  On the rare occasions when we don't, we have the resources readily available who will and will bring those resources to the table for you.


We may be a small business ourselves, but we have access to the best resources available in IT today.  When you work with Jenaly, you are not only working with our experienced and talented team, you are working with a global network of IT professionals and organizations who are committed to our mutual success.


Jenaly was acquired by Internet & Telephone in December 2015.


                      Internet & Telephone, LLC
                      Chief Technology Officer
                      December 2015 - June 2017




To Provide First-Class Service in a Proactive Manner for our Customer’s Voice and Data Needs.


Internet & Telephone provides cost-effective, business-class phone service and Internet connections. But that’s just the beginning. From network design and Managed IT Services to phone systems and corporate relocations, our expert technicians can help your business with almost any aspect of your communications strategy. Our goal is to be your business communications partner.


I&T is committed to providing extraordinary service. I&T’s senior partners have built a dynamic company that emphasizes service as the foundation for long-term business growth. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in telecommunications, Internet technology, wireless and information technology.


Internet & Telephone, LLC is a privately-held company with headquarters in Methuen, Massachusetts, and proudly supports over 600 business clients around the country.


Internet & Telephone was acquired by Onepath in May of 2017.


                      Director, Client Engagement, Project Team, Technical Account Team & vCIO (New England Region)
                      Corporate Technology Platform Steering Committee
                      June 2017 - May 2019


In a world of complicated systems, tight deadlines, daunting scale, unexpected setbacks, human error, new technologies, and limited resources…  someone had to make the hard things easier for the client, the client’s client, the technicians, and everyone else.

Onepath is the one source for all things to do with designing, deploying, and supporting technology – from cable to cloud.

Whether it’s installing digital menu boards at quick serve restaurants across the U.S., or systems integration for one of the nation’s newest stadiums, or providing IT support and managed services for fast-growing businesses – Onepath is the easier way to get hard things done. We bring more horsepower, more commitment, and a more complete game plan to Fortune 500s and local businesses throughout North America.


Onepath clients see more success because of

  • More horsepower – That means more professionalism and technical expertise behind the scenes with the right tools and technologies, and the ability to scale rapidly.

  • More commitment – A highly responsive, no-excuses culture with accountability backed by clear guarantees.

  • And a more complete game plan – Successful projects don’t happen without meticulous planning, proven processes, and detailed documentation.

I left Onepath on May 31, 2019 to start this consulting business.

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