Realistic Cybersecurity

Let me help you help your clients understand cybersecurity and implement realistic solutions that won't break the bank.​


Do you consider yourself an MSP, an MSSP or both?  I believe an MSP should be an MSP and not try to be all things to all clients.  If you want to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, then become an MSSP and focus there.  If you're an MSP, what do I mean by realistic cybersecurity?  I mean focusing in on what you do best, while providing appropriate cybersecurity advice and services to your clients and partnering with an MSSP or cybersecurity firm to help your clients with more advanced services.  Realistic cybersecurity means demystifying the cybersecurity landscape for your clients, so you can help them make informed decisions and investments that will help their cybersecurity posture without breaking the bank.  This also means auditing your own operations and making sure you are not a risk to your clients.  The last thing you want is to be the source of any cybersecurity event for your client.  Are you secure?

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